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The Surprising Health Benefits Of Vape Shops

The girl came to the vapeshop.

There are many reasons why people choose to vape, but most do so as a healthy alternative to smoking. For obvious reasons, cigarettes are no longer smoked indoors throughout the developed world. While this is undoubtedly a smart move, it has had an unintended side-effect of making smoking an antisocial activity. It has made it […]

Vaping in Youth: Should You Really Be Worried?

In the few years since its conception, vaping has become a cultural phenomenon. A less harmful alternative for nicotine exposure, it’s helped many to kick off the habit of smoking. It’s also a social experience now, with a strong presence in the media. The range of flavors found in e-liquids turns vaping into a much […]

Vaping in Airports: Can You Bring a Vape on a Plane?

Airline pilot with e-cigarette

Vaping has become incredibly popular across the world, with over 9 million users in America alone. One of the reasons vaping is so popular is that the devices come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Also, they can be filled with different cartridges, providing unique tastes and flavors. Does this mean that policies […]

So, Your Teen Is Vaping: 5 Ways To Have The Difficult Conversation

Teenagers smoking electronic cigarette

For decades, ever since we’ve known about the damaging properties of cigarettes, parents have dreaded finding out that their kids have been smoking. The slightest whiff of tobacco smoke on their school uniform, the presence of an empty packet in their school bag, a few stray cigarette papers in their sock drawer. Any of these […]


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