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FDA Committed to Reduce Nicotine-Related Disease By Adding New & Transparent Regulations

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has spent the past few months figuring out new tobacco regulations. As part of their ongoing effort to tackle preventable death from nicotine-related disease, they’re holding a two-day public meeting to discuss tobacco regulation. This meeting will include full exposure of the policies and processes necessary to review tobacco […]

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping When Driving

a man in a car smokes an electronic cigarette

If you vape, and you’re a driver, you may have questions about the legalities and potential impact of vaping while driving. This guide will provide detailed information about rules and guidelines and some tips to help you steer clear of trouble if you do decide to vape behind the wheel. Is Vaping while Driving Legal? […]

Tips to Make Vaping Indoors at Work More Enjoyable

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Vapers are still facing a stigma in the workplace, and this tends to be because they’re not afraid to blow those enormous clouds of vapor around the office. Even though it may be harmless, it can still get on people’s nerves. It’s not dangerous like second-hand smoke, but it’s still important to clarify if indoor […]


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