A Definitive List Of The Most Vaping-Friendly Airports In The US

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Nowadays, the majority of airports sadly don’t permit vaping unless you go into the designated smoking rooms with all the smokers. Aside from making you feel very claustrophobic and trapped, these rooms can be so inconvenient as they might be far away from your gate or terminal.

But, you’ll be pleased to know that there are still quite a few airports in the US that permit vaping. Today, we take a look at all the most vaping-friendly airports that let you wait for a flight while enjoying a puff on your e-cigarette.

US Vaping-Friendly Airports

Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport (Atlanta, GA)

You’ll struggle to find an airport in the US that’s as friendly and accommodating to vapers as Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. There are loads of different places you can go to vape inside the terminals here, and the broad variety of options means you don’t have to walk a mile before finding a suitable place to vape.

The only downside is that you are still made to go into the designated smoking areas. These aren’t anywhere near as bad as the small smoking rooms or booths in some airports, but it’s still not ideal for anyone that’s choosing to vape to get away from smoking.

You can find the designated vaping areas in these locations:

  • Concourse A: Gate A1 & beside the Gordon Biersch restaurant,

  • Concourse B: Gate 7 and Gate 24,

  • Concourse C: Gate 16 and 26,

  • Concourse D: Terrapin Tapestry House,

  • Concourse E: Gate 9, Gate 17 and Gate 29,

  • Concourse F: Food court area,

  • Concourse T: Gate 4 and Gate 13.

Cincinnati International Airport (Ohio)

Cincinnati International Airport has three terminals and two concourses, making it one of the smaller airports compared to some in the country. As a result, you’re not exactly spoilt for choice in vaping-friendly locations, but there is one designated area for you to vape.

All vapers can go to Concourse B if they want to use their e-cigs, which can be a problem if you’re flying out of Concourse A as it means you have a fair way to walk. But, it’s better than nothing!

Vaping Location:

  • Concourse B: Graycliff location

McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, Nevada)

If you’re traveling in or out of Las Vegas, then you’ll be pleased to know that there is a vaping-friendly airport nearby. What’s more, there are plenty of options across both terminals in McCarran International Airport. Perhaps the best thing is that there are even some comfy enclosed lounges where you can vape as well.

Check out the vaping-friendly locations here:

  • Barneys Lounge: C Gates (Terminal 1),

  • Bud 29 Track Lounge: Terminal 1 Esplanade,

  • Enclosed Gaming Lounges: B & C Gates (Terminal 1) D & E Gates (Terminal 3).

Nashville International Airport (Tennessee)

You are allowed to vape and use e-cigarettes at this airport, but only if you go to the two designated smoking locations. The good news is that these locations are lounges, but you have to buy something to be allowed in there.

The two locations are:

  • Graycliff Boutique & Lounge: Concourse B, Gate B10,

  • Graycliff Boutique & Lounge: Concourse C, Gate C10.

Miami International Airport (Florida)

It is one of a few vaping-friendly airports that only allows you to vape in one designated area. There aren’t any places to vape before you go through security, so bear that in mind. Make sure you know how to safely bring your vape pen or e-cig through security, so it doesn’t get taken off you!

You can vape freely at this location:

  • The smoking area next to TGI Fridays beyond security.

Tampa International Airport (Florida)

The same rules apply here as in Miami International Airport; you are allowed to vape, but only in the selected area outside of security. The difference is that there are multiple security areas, so you have a place to vape at each terminal.

Find the vaping destination here:

  • Designated smoking patio found outside each terminal.

Dulles International Airport (Washington D.C.)

The nation’s capital can proudly boast one of the vaping-friendly airports in the country. At Dulles, you have a choice of four different rooms that allow vaping. Again, much like any offerings on this list, you are put in the same place as people smoking.

You can vape at one of the following locations:

  • Concourse B: Gate B37 and B73,

  • Concourse C: Gate C2,

  • Concourse D: Gate D30.

Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport (Mississippi)

You can’t vape or smoke at this airport until you’ve gone through security. Once here, there is only one designated area that you can take advantage of.

Vaping Location:

  • Filtered smoking area outside of security.

Why Aren’t There More Vaping Friendly Airports In America?

While it’s good that there are some vaping friendly airports in the US, it’s not a substantial figure when you think about how many airports are in the country. So, why aren’t there as many as you’d think?

In essence, it comes down to the public approach to vaping. They see the clouds created by e-cigs and instantly get worried – even though it’s just water vapor. It’s harmless for other people to be around vapers, but they’re still treated the same as cigarette smokers.

Hopefully, we can change things by providing more education to the public about vaping, which alters their attitude and creates more vaping friendly airports and public places.

Key Points:

  • The ratio of vaping friendly airports to actual airports in America is very low.

  • People see vaping as another form of smoking.

  • There must be a change in public perception if we want to see more vaping friendly airports.

So, if you are interested in flying to or from the US – and want to know which airports allow you to vape in the terminals – then this is our definitive list. In the future, we hope to keep adding to this list as more and more airports adopt a lenient approach.

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