We Are Leaving Social Media:

We are announcing that we will be closing all of our social media accounts effective immediately (ARC Distribution, Burst E-Liquids, Slammin E-Liquids, Lips & Drips, & Traditional Juice Co.). We will begin to concentrate our outreach efforts to our ARC, LLC. blog, where we can begin to apply the proper age verification tools.

This decision to begin to utilize a new outreach strategy, directly correlates to the consumers we want to attract. At ARC, we have come to a conclusion that our social media output is not in our best interest for our corporation’s longevity. As a company, we have no interest to motivate young people or minors to purchase our products. In addition, we do not want to encourage adult non-smokers to begin to use our products. Although we will be eliminating our social media accounts, we will continue to monitor and remove all inappropriate material that does not align with our new strategy. Within the vaping market, there might be some misconceptions about the products, usage, and consumers. At ARC, we want to continue to deter any interest among young people or non-smokers and correct any misperceptions about our industry.

Going Step By Step:

We strongly believe that this change in our company’s outreach and communication is a step towards beginning to prevent underage usage. We are continually trying to implement new solutions to deter non-smokers and minors from consuming nicotine. At ARC, our only mission is to continue to research and develop our company’s vision with a specific target market in mind: adult smokers and vapers.  We want to provide adult smokers with a quality smoke free solution in order to make a switch from cigarettes to a new alternative an easier choice.

Join The Website:

With our leave from social media, we will begin to maximize our marketing efforts towards our website. Over the next fiscal quarter, we are restructuring our website platform to be a one-stop-shop for every vaper. Our consumers will now be able to find all of the relevant tools about our products, usage, and flavors in addition to industry standards and regulations. Feel free to visit the website as much as you need and contact ARC, LLC. if you have any further questions regarding our decision to leave social media. A new era is beginning, and ARC, LLC. needs you there!

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