Which Vape Juice Is Best For You?

Mockup of Vape bottles with liquid on white background. Template

With a vast array of products available, how do you go about choosing the best vape juice? There’s no universal right answer to this question, so we’ve put together a useful guide to help you determine which vape juice is best for you. Understanding the Ingredients: PG/VG and Nicotine If you’re on the hunt for […]

It’s Official: Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

Men holding electronic cigarette on colored background background

There’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that using e-cigarettes is safer than smoking, but misinformation may be still be playing a role in causing people to question the benefits of vaping. If you’re a smoker keen to switch or you’re eager to learn more about the potential advantages of using e-cigarettes, you should […]

Why Vaping Might Be the Solution for Senior Smokers

Portrait of man smoking an electronic cigarette, light effect

Smoking is a habit that, for many people, is difficult to break out of. This is especially true if you’ve been smoking for a considerable amount of time, such as since you were a young adult. That’s why many seniors find it difficult to break out of the smoking habit, but as death-defying as an […]

Vaping: From Cigarette Replacement to Growing Subculture

vaping and releases a cloud of vapor

It’s been a minute since vaping started gaining momentum, and it doesn’t seem about to slow down. When it started out, it was first attractive to smokers looking to get rid of their bad habit. Now, it’s a growing community with members of every age, and it’s quickly turning into a subculture. So, what’s there […]

FDA Committed to Reduce Nicotine-Related Disease By Adding New & Transparent Regulations

Hand holding an electronic cigarette over a dark background

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has spent the past few months figuring out new tobacco regulations. As part of their ongoing effort to tackle preventable death from nicotine-related disease, they’re holding a two-day public meeting to discuss tobacco regulation. This meeting will include full exposure of the policies and processes necessary to review tobacco […]

Everything You Need To Know About Vaping When Driving

a man in a car smokes an electronic cigarette

If you vape, and you’re a driver, you may have questions about the legalities and potential impact of vaping while driving. This guide will provide detailed information about rules and guidelines and some tips to help you steer clear of trouble if you do decide to vape behind the wheel. Is Vaping while Driving Legal? […]

Tips to Make Vaping Indoors at Work More Enjoyable

beautiful young woman in restaurant

Vapers are still facing a stigma in the workplace, and this tends to be because they’re not afraid to blow those enormous clouds of vapor around the office. Even though it may be harmless, it can still get on people’s nerves. It’s not dangerous like second-hand smoke, but it’s still important to clarify if indoor […]

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Vape Shops

The girl came to the vapeshop.

There are many reasons why people choose to vape, but most do so as a healthy alternative to smoking. For obvious reasons, cigarettes are no longer smoked indoors throughout the developed world. While this is undoubtedly a smart move, it has had an unintended side-effect of making smoking an antisocial activity. It has made it […]

Vaping in Youth: Should You Really Be Worried?

In the few years since its conception, vaping has become a cultural phenomenon. A less harmful alternative for nicotine exposure, it’s helped many to kick off the habit of smoking. It’s also a social experience now, with a strong presence in the media. The range of flavors found in e-liquids turns vaping into a much […]


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