FDA Committed to Reduce Nicotine-Related Disease By Adding New & Transparent Regulations

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has spent the past few months figuring out new tobacco regulations. As part of their ongoing effort to tackle preventable death from nicotine-related disease, they’re holding a two-day public meeting to discuss tobacco regulation. This meeting will include full exposure of the policies and processes necessary to review tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Where’s the FDA Leading with this?

Currently, the FDA is trying to approach the tobacco issue in two different ways. The first is to reduce nicotine levels of combustible cigarettes, thus rendering them non-addictive or at least minimize addiction factors. The second is to provide nicotine to currently addicted adults in a way that eliminates lighting up.

With its growing popularity, future iterations of tobacco regulations must include a more comprehensive approach to e-cigarettes. One of the essential criteria in regulating tobacco further is to keep it away from children and teens. As vaping is relatively popular among youths, the FDA is targeting it for further regulation.

The FDA requires more research regarding the safety of e-cigarettes, passing them through “appropriate” regulations to assess possible health risks. One other area of concern is its user base, as one group is quite young. So far, e-cigarettes have been significantly adopted by two groups: adults with nicotine addiction looking to smoke less, and youths that find flavors enticing.

A Meeting to Clear the Air

The discussion on FDA tobacco regulations is essential, as it’s the first step in reviewing individual products containing the substance. Some of the issues up for discussion include ingredients, product design, health risks and appeal to youths and non-addict adults.

The idea is to get interested parties in one place together, to discuss a path forward that protects consumers while also letting manufacturers adapt to new regulations.

When it comes to vaping, e-cigarette manufacturers must show appropriate product marketing and packaging. The FDA requires manufacturers to package responsibly, indicating the potential risks of e-liquids. The agency will begin a more encompassing round of research to see if vaping gets youths addicted to nicotine, which has been a significant concern.

A More Efficient and Transparent Product Review Process

The FDA is looking to improve its processes to review tobacco products by making them more transparent to manufacturers. An essential part of the current project is developing product standards for new iterations of tobacco consumption, like growingly popular e-cigarettes. The FDA aims to provide a more accurate road towards approval, including a more predictable timeline for full reviewal.

This will give manufacturers a clearer idea of what they have to do to meet regulations, and how much time it will take.

The issues to be reviewed go beyond each product, for an all-encompassing focus. Once the FDA has properly assessed the level of risk of e-cigarettes, it will determine whether marketing them is appropriate. Another necessary change should be on packaging, as children should find it challenging to open e-liquids. Battery usage and leakage in e-cigarettes is another factor to take into account.

The FDA also intends on regulating which information should be included on PMTAs, MRTP applications, and SE reports. All this, while helping industry leaders comply with federal regulations, thanks to a myriad of internal documents, meetings, webinars, and readily available online information.

In conclusion, the FDA is looking to create a truly comprehensive way to review newer tobacco products, depending on how harmful they might be. Standardization of processes is the road towards safer practices when it comes to nicotine and any addictive substance. The path towards the safest possible vaping is undoubtedly through transparency in the industry.

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