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We know those summer days are long and hot. After a long, fulfilling day of work, nothing beats enjoying time and getting together with friends and family while enjoying an ice cold drink coupled with the taste of Burst Bacco’s real rugged tobacco. We can’t imagine a more picture-perfect way to wind down after a long day.

Burst Bacco has shaped genuine tobacco flavors that speak to grit and determination. We don’t heavily advertise our products and you won’t see hot chicks on social media vaping it. Our products won’t be delivered to you by a magical animal or appear out of midair when you call out its name. The fact of the matter is we don’t tell stories. We let our flavors do the talking.

Meet Chris Starcher, he’s a photographer with Arc Distribution and an avid vaper.

What got you into Vaping?
Chris: I started vaping about eight years ago right after my first daughter was born. I have been wanting to quit cigarettes for years anyway but hadn’t really found a way that worked well for me until I tried vaping. I quit that year and never looked back

What type of vape flavors do you like?
Chris: I don’t really have a specific flavor that I like.  The time of year usually decides what I’m vaping. In the cold winter I like desert flavors and tobacco flavors like Bacco burst and in the summer I stick to fruity flavors or lemonades 

What type of set up do you use?
Chris: I’ve use all different types of set up’s. Being in the line of work that I am I get to try out a lot of new devices that come to me for photos

The Burst Bacco Family of Products

Burst Bacco is a vape flavor line that stands on its own. 3 flavors which can bring a hard man down into restful ease. Bold flavor is like the breathing in the sunrise on a cool morning overlooking the mountains with the smooth sun-cured tobacco pipe taste. The nuts flavor tends to run better at high noon when you want to take in the richness of your surroundings with a touch caramel in a nutty tobacco undertone. Custard flavor is more for the sunset when the ending of a hard day’s work needs a pleasing tune that is naturally-sweet with hints of enriched creamy custard.

Nuts: Nutty and sweet tobacco: Burst Bacco Nuts is a sweet tobacco flavor infused with mixed nuts.

Custard: A creamy custard tobacco: Bacco Custard is a sweet, creamy custard and tobacco blend for all you dessert lovers out there.

Bold: The original, bold tobacco: Bacco Bold is not for the faint of heart. You can’t go wrong with the original, bold tobacco.

Review from Marissa Lewis

“I used to be an analog smoker and I still enjoy a cig every once in a while but the taste of Burst Bacco Bold does not have the bad after taste or smell I get from smoking and is a simple win for me. The Bacco custard I like as well because it is a little sweeter but do not get me wrong, it’s not fruity. I dig a strong flavor.”

Have you tried any of the Burst Bacco Products?

We want to know your thoughts! We’re always trying to improve our brands and vape flavors. If you have any feedback, good or bad, we would love to hear from you. Please use the comment box for feedback.

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