New Study Suggests Long-Term Daily Vaping Could Be Unrelated to Lung Damage

After years of concerns from anti-vaping pressure groups, we have the first results of a relevant study. Professor Riccardo Polosa and his team, from the Italian University of Catania, found vaping could be harmless to the lungs. The new study is the first step towards better understanding how vaping affects the lungs.

For three and a half years, scientists followed a small sample of young adults who vaped regularly, without smoking. Study participants were tested throughout this time, and their results compared with a control group. The control group had never smoked nor vaped. It turns out, the lung health of each group was the same.

The group of vaping youths hadn’t developed any respiratory symptoms of any sort when compared to the control group. After over three years of continuous monitoring, even the heaviest vapers maintained the same blood pressure and heart rate.

What This Could Mean

Altogether, a better understanding of how much safer vaping is when compared to smoking.

  • Through this first study, we can get a better glimpse at the direct effects of vaping in lungs. So far, this small sample indicates that there could be no respiratory effects from vaping. And that’s for at least three and a half years!
  • It’s also an exciting dive into the effects of vaping in arterial stiffness. Last year, a study pointed out that vaping could momentarily increase vital signs and arterial stiffness. However, the same can applies to a good number of things deemed irrelevant. A dramatic sports match can also instantly increase vital signs, and even watching a horror movie.

What’s Next?

Delving much, much deeper into what vaping does to the body. To understand it, we need a lot of scientists to commit to studying this. While Professor Polosa’s study is a step in the right direction, there’s still a lot to be discovered regarding vaping. More extensive studies with more significant samples and across ethnicities are sorely needed.

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