The Shocking Impact Smoking Has On The Environment

Tobacco ash is thrown away on the lawn

It may surprise some of you to hear that the smoking impact extends far beyond health concerns for the individuals who smoke. While it’s well documented this bad habit has killed millions, many people are unaware of how negatively it impacts the environment as well.

Naturally, releasing smoke and toxic fumes into the atmosphere is a dangerous thing to do. But, this is just the start of the pollution created by smoking. In this piece, we’re going to explore the environmental impact of smoking in more detail so you can see the damage it’s doing.

The Manufacturing Process

One of the critical components inside cigarettes is tobacco. To get this, it has to be farmed at source from tobacco plants. While this might seem innocent at first, it does a whole lot of harm to the farms and areas nearby. For one, farming these plants rids the soil of any essential nutrients needed to allow other things to grow completely. But, perhaps more importantly, the whole act of farming these plants requires copious amounts of fuel and water.

It’s the same as farming pretty much anything else; you need large agricultural machinery to dig up and cultivate the tobacco plants, and these things consume lots of fuel and create harmful emissions as well. Naturally, all plants need water to grow, the reason why there is a lot of water waste.

To make matters worse, pesticides are often required to help tobacco grow. The result of this is that the area around these farms is now infested with pesticides which affect the growth of other crops. Plus, tobacco is known to make the soil more infertile because it extracts a lot of different things from the roots, rendering the soil almost useless after farming. As if this wasn’t enough, many farmers will try out different techniques in a bid to make their tobacco higher in nicotine. It further damages the soil and drains it of all nutrients.

Things continue to get worse when you move away from the farms themselves and into the factories that produce cigarettes. Here, the smoking impact can be seen. There is an extreme amount of pollution generated when tobacco plants are made into cigarettes. What’s more, these factories take up so much land that could be used to plant trees or encourage more vegetation to grow.

The entire process is bizarre as you have large factories polluting the air to create a product that will mostly pollute the atmosphere even more.

Key Points
  • Tobacco farming consumes far too much water and requires way too much fuel.

  • The machinery used to farm these plants gives off lots of carbon emissions.

  • The plants themselves drain soil nutrients and make it hard to grow anything else.

  • Cigarette production factories create mass amounts of pollution every day.

Cigarette Waste & The Environment

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most common piece of waste found throughout the world? Walk along the street or a beach and count up how many butts you find. It will stun you to see how frequent they are.

The problem with this is that the waste generated by cigarettes isn’t biodegradable. This means it gets dumped into landfill sites which then burn the rubbish away with the rest of the non-biodegradable items. The consequence is that more pollution and carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere every day.

It’s reported that around 175,000 tons of annual waste can be credited to cigarette butts alone. What’s more, this is before you take into account the packaging – which is also not biodegradable.

While the quantity of this waste is staggering, it’s not the only cause for concern. Cigarettes also contain a host of terribly harmful chemicals as well. Things like nicotine, lead, and arsenic are regularly discovered in discarded cigarette butts. These chemicals have an impact on the environment as they’re released in the emissions created when the waste is burned in landfill sites.

Furthermore, consider where a lot of cigarette butts are found; on the beach. Not only that, but they’ve commonly flushed down toilets or dropped down drains, which means they find their way into the ocean. As a result, these chemicals infect the water and can be ingested by fish and other aquatic animals.

It’s well worth noting that, although cigarette butts are creating vast quantities of waste all over the world, very little is being done to combat this. There are no bans on butts, which means the environmental impact of smoking continues to be damaging long after a cigarette has been smoked.

Key Points

  • Cigarette butts are the most common form of waste found around the world.

  • Hundreds of thousands of tons of landfill waste are attributed to cigarette butts.

  • They cause lots of pollution due to being burned in landfills.

  • Many butts infect water and harm wildlife.

How Do We Stop This?

Putting the brakes on the environmental impact of smoking is no easy feat. However, there are a few small changes you can make that will lower the smoking impact on our world. For one, you can cut down on your smoking habits and start vaping instead. As you can see on our site, we have vaping liquids that still contain nicotine, making it easier to wean yourself off cigarettes. Plus, unlike smoking, there are lots of vape-friendly airports and public places – so you aren’t always forced to stand outside in the cold.

If more and more people move away from smoking, it decreases the demand for cigarette production. As a result, fewer tobacco plants are farmed, factories may shut down, and the environment enters a much better state.

For anyone that continues to smoke, you can make a difference by properly disposing of any cigarette butts. Don’t drop them on the floor or flush them down the toilet – actively make an effort to put them in the bins reserved for cigarette waste. This can limit the impact that this waste has on our environment.

Key Points

  • Try to stop smoking by taking up vaping.

  • Take it slow and limit your use day by day, week by week.

  • Don’t litter your cigarette butts.

As this piece shows, the smoking impact on the environment is troublesome. It’s something that deserves more attention, and more needs to be done to prevent it. With the rise in vaping, we have at least one way to cut down on global cigarette consumption, which will help reduce the overall impact caused by the manufacturing process and waste.

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