Vaping: From Cigarette Replacement to Growing Subculture

vaping and releases a cloud of vapor

It’s been a minute since vaping started gaining momentum, and it doesn’t seem about to slow down. When it started out, it was first attractive to smokers looking to get rid of their bad habit. Now, it’s a growing community with members of every age, and it’s quickly turning into a subculture. So, what’s there to know about vaping as a social act?

Although a safer alternative to smoking, vaping gets a bad rap from a few bad apples. Everyone has encountered a vaper who blew vapor in your face with no concern for your comfort. Nevertheless, as with everything else, these rude individuals are in the minority. For the most part, vaping has turned into a way for many to socialize through a new habit.

Vaping Community Bonding

Much like it happened with gentlemen’s clubs in 19th century London, V have become social areas. First off, they’re a place to find the actual gear to vape, namely e-cigarettes and e-liquids. But they’re also usually staffed with long-time vapers willing to lend a hand.

As there are many misconceptions regarding this practice, the advice of an expert is always needed. Rookies might not know where to start. A great shopkeeper should be able to talk about different brands, favorite flavors, and best practices. And, of course, there are always fellow vapers around shops willing to lend a hand.

Vape shops are also a great place to find flyers and info about events. There are vape trick competitions, one of the most peculiar aspects of this subculture. These can go from party tricks to more competitive settings, lending a whole new level of playfulness.

The one issue with vaping culture as it stands today? It’s pretty much a boys’ club. While allowed in vaping spaces (this isn’t the Middle Ages!), their presence isn’t common. Often, the very act of vaping gets associated with a growingly popular term: toxic masculinity. Thanks to that very “bad rap” mentioned above, vaping is easily associated with “macho” culture. You’ll even find most celebrity vapers to be men, with Leonardo DiCaprio being the most famous one.

Still, women do vape, including celebs. Famous lady vapers include Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Why Vape?

To lay off smoking! For people who are looking to decrease their nicotine intake without the pain of withdrawal, vaping is perfect. Many people stick to vaping after smoking for years, effectively saying goodbye to tobacco. Others use this practice to ease their way into not consuming nicotine at all.

Who Vapes?

At this point, just about everyone! Still, there are two main subcategories:

  • Former smokers. They were the first to come into contact with e-cigs, as its marketing first targeted them. They might be middle-aged or a little older, and they know a thing or two about life. Many of them transitioned happily to vaping, and they now consume a lower dose of nicotine. However, some original vapers were able to kick off nicotine completely, but are happy to share their experiences!
  • New vapers. These people were attracted to this practice by the fun e-liquid flavors or as a way to socialize. They’re mostly young adults or even teens, as the characteristics make it exciting for a younger generation.

The Social Experience

Little by little, vaping has become far more than a habit, making its way into the everyday lives of users. Vaping online and offline communities are currently thriving. Through this practice, many people with similar outlooks on life have connected and formed long-lasting relationships.

It’s is a growing community that deserves its place in our culture, without silly stereotypes. It’s so important to give this practice the space it deserves.

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