Which Vape Juice Is Best For You?

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With a vast array of products available, how do you go about choosing the best vape juice? There’s no universal right answer to this question, so we’ve put together a useful guide to help you determine which vape juice is best for you.

Understanding the Ingredients: PG/VG and Nicotine

If you’re on the hunt for vape juice, you’ll stumble across different products with varying levels of PG, VG and nicotine. To identify the best vape juice for you, it’s always wise to have an understanding of the ingredients. PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are used in varying quantities, and often, the first question people ask when shopping for vape juice is which PG/VG ratio to opt for. Many vapers have a preference when it comes to the PG/VG ratio. The most common choice is a 50:50 combination.

Everything You Need to Know About PG and VG


  • PG is a substance that is found in several household products, including makeup and shampoo.
  • PG is petroleum-based.
  • PG is non-toxic to humans, but it is harmful to cats.
  • Higher PG quantities facilitate a stronger flavor and create smaller, less visible vapor clouds.
  • Some people are more sensitive to PG than others. The best thing to do is to experiment with different ratios and see how you get on.
  • PG is cleaner than VG and does not cause clogging.


  • VG is derived from vegetable oil and is commonly found in food products and toiletries.
  • VG is completely safe and it has high heat resistance.
  • High VG vape juice is designed for use with sub ohm mods.
  • High VG quantities can create large vapor clouds.
  • Higher VG ratios may be better for people with allergies.
  • High VG levels can contribute to a buildup of residue.


The nicotine content varies according to the type of vape juice you buy. Some products have higher quantities than others, and often, it’s possible to choose from different levels when buying the same flavor. Every bottle of vape juice will have the nicotine content clearly marked, so you should be able to find the right strength for you with minimal hassle. If you’re keen to reduce your nicotine intake gradually, you can do this very easily when you vape. Unlike cigarettes, you can choose the nicotine content, and reduce your intake as and when you’d like.

Before you buy vape juice, it’s wise to take a look at the:

  • PG/VG ratios,
  • Nicotine content,
  • Flavor options.

Choosing the Best Vape Juice Flavors

If you’re looking to try something new, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are hundreds of flavors of vape juice to choose from, with all kinds of options to suit every customer. Often, people are keen to try different options. You may find that there are some flavors you love, and some that you probably wouldn’t buy again. It’s a matter of trial and error, and being open to new ideas unless you’ve already found your favorite go-to flavors.

If you’re on the hunt for vape juice, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research and think about what you’re looking for and the kinds of flavors and ingredients you like. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Single and Blended Flavors

When it comes to taste, there can only be one judge, and that’s you. Some people question whether single or blended flavors are best, but the truth is that different people have different preferences. Some may enjoy a combination of flavors, while others might prefer to stick to single options.

A single flavor may seem like a less interesting or adventurous choice than a blend, but if you take a moment to browse the vape juices we have on offer, you’ll soon learn that this is not the case. We have some incredible single flavors available, including those based on your favorite candy and punchy fruit flavors. If you’re keen to try new things, it’s advisable to look for smaller bottles. This gives you the chance to indulge your inquisitive nature without risking ending up with a large bottle of something you don’t like.

To find your perfect match, take these tips on board:

  • Try different flavors,
  • Be open to new ideas,
  • Opt for flavors based on foods you like, for example, your favorite fruits or candy,
  • Consider buying smaller bottles if you’re experimenting with flavors.

Tobacco Flavor

Some people miss the taste of tobacco when they switch from smoking to vaping. If this scenario sounds familiar, we have good news. It is possible to buy vape juice that mimics the flavor of tobacco. This can help people hoping to transition to vaping and provide a sense of comfort and familiarity for those who are used to smoking. You can buy tobacco flavored products or juices that have additional elements, such as fruity tastes.

You may find tobacco flavored vape juice appealing if you are:

  • A former smoker.
  • Making the transition from cigarettes to vaping.
  • Miss the taste of tobacco when you vape.

Other Popular Options

There’s a whole raft of vape juice flavors out there to choose from. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Mint,
  • Fruit,
  • Candy flavors, such as gummy sweets and sherbert,
  • Dessert-themed vape juices, such as chocolate cake or cheesecake,
  • Breakfast cereals.

If you’re looking for an answer to the question, ‘Which is the best vape juice?’ It may take you a while to come up with a definitive response. With so much choice available, it can take time to try out new flavors and decide which ones are your favorites, and you may also find that you need to try different PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels to find the best vape juice for you. Often, the best approach is to try different ratios and flavors, and see what works best for you.

Try our juices, we have a great variety of flavors for you to choose from. You won’t regret changing to e-cigarette after trying our products. Give yourself a chance to improve your health, and give us the opportunity to help you do so. Visit our website to find out more!

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