Why Vaping Might Be the Solution for Senior Smokers

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Smoking is a habit that, for many people, is difficult to break out of. This is especially true if you’ve been smoking for a considerable amount of time, such as since you were a young adult. That’s why many seniors find it difficult to break out of the smoking habit, but as death-defying as an elderly smoker seems to be, there are of course still concerns and health worries that could convince even the most loyal smokers to switch to vaping.

People know that tobacco is the main problem and they also know that vaping comes with fewer risks. However, why do so many people, especially seniors, tend to stick with cigarettes and not switch to vaping?

It’s probably because they don’t know much about it.

The Culture Around Vaping

A very young and modern culture surrounds vaping. It’s hip, trendy, and even the flavors are extravagant compared to the traditional taste of good tobacco. Even many of the vaping stores around the world are filled with neon lights, colors and all kinds of modern decorations that could put off most senior smokers.
It’s hard to imagine this if you’re part of the current generation, but for seniors, this can be a huge barrier to overcome. They don’t want to seem like they’re trying too hard to fit in, and they certainly don’t want to attract weird attention when they walk into a store that’s literally filled with smoke clouds and young adults wearing hip clothing and talking about the latest flavors.

It’s unfortunate because many seniors that have access to an e-cigarette find that it can be a very nice change from tobacco. The flavors are unique, you can explore the different varieties, and it doesn’t leave any tobacco smell, making your home and surroundings generally more welcome.

Thankfully, there are plenty of services like Burst E-Liquid that sell a variety of unique, and they can be sent directly to your door. It’s a great chance to explore the many different types of liquids available, and seniors may even get used to them and swap them for regular tobacco flavors.

Seniors might find that visiting their local vaping superstore is difficult because of the age and culture difference, but many vapers find it comfortable to interact with and talk to other vapers regardless of their age. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed by both young adults and seniors, and there’s no barrier to be afraid of.

But Can Vaping Actually Improve a Senior’s Health?

It’s hard to say how much vaping can actually help. While it’s clear that smoking is detrimental to your health, the oldest woman in the world died at age 122 and continued to smoke even past age 100. Though she drastically cut down on the number of cigarettes she smoked, it’s hard to tell just how debilitating smoking really is. Again, it’s evident that there’s a negative effect associated with smoking, but everyone’s body is different, and the health benefits typically aren’t the only concern when it comes to switching from tobacco to vaping.

Instead, there are many other benefits associated with vaping that could convince a senior to give it a try over their standard pack of tobacco cigarettes. Excluding the potential health benefits, here are a couple of other reasons to switch to vaping:

  • Vaping comes with more flavors, giving more variety for smoking.
  • There are many different types of liquids and e-cigarettes that you can purchase online and have sent straight to your door.
  • Smoking affects those around you while vaping doesn’t, making it safe around families and inside buildings.
  • Vaping can often be cheaper than purchasing packets of cigarettes.
  • An e-cigarette and some vaping liquid are easier to store than packets of cigarettes, making it a little more convenient to carry around and store.
  • It’s an effective replacement for smoking, and it helps them quit, or at least cut down on regular smoking.

These are some of the benefits that could convince a senior to give e-cigarettes at least a try. Many seniors fail to switch over to vaping completely, but as long as they replace the occasional cigarette with a flavored e-liquid of their choice and an e-cigarette, it’s already going to be a huge step in the right direction.

The health-related positives of vaping versus smoking are already well documented, but that often isn’t enough to convince someone (especially a potentially stubborn senior) to switch to an entirely new form of nicotine. This is especially true when you consider that e-cigarettes can be finicky, fiddly and perhaps difficult to use for a senior with limited motor skills. However, with a bit of practice and some guidance or an instruction manual, they’ll easily be able to pick it up and remove the barrier of entry to vaping.

Final Words

When talking about combating smoking, the concept shouldn’t be to quit smoking altogether, but rather to gradually phase it out for something just as flavorsome, convenient and inexpensive. If it ticks all the right boxes, then you can convince a senior to switch. If it doesn’t meet their demands in flavor, cost, and convenience, then there’s little reason for them to change. Just explaining the health benefits and why they should swap isn’t enough–they need to experience it for themselves.

So to conclude, don’t call it quitting smoking. Call it replacing it with something new, different and potentially more convenient and affordable than buying packs of cigarettes. Vaping could be what saves our elderly population from an untimely death caused by respiratory problems, so we need to start taking a different approach in order to convince them to try it.

If you are planning to replace your cigarettes smoking with vaping, we have the best products for you. Choose among our wide variety of flavor and find what you like the most. You will not regret trying our products! You can start right now and see how your health changes. If you are a senior, give us a chance to show you how good our flavors are! Visit our site to find out more information.

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